Salsa Roja

Salsa Roja (Roasted)

Everybody likes their salsa different.  That’s the beauty of making your own, but here’s a rough guide.

2-3 roma tomatoes or 1 large tomato
2-3 tablespoons of cilantro
3 garlic cloves
1 small onion
Juice of 1/2 a lime
1/2 – 1 tsp salt

Heat optional – (1/2 a jalapeno, 1 serrano, or a few squirts of sriracha)

You could simply combine all these items raw in a blender/food processor/mocaljete, but sometimes I like the roasted variety.

Blacken the tomatoes on the burner.

It was rough with romas.  I recommend getting a bigger tomato that won’t fall through the burner grate.

Blacken the garlic and onions in a pan.

Mmmm.  Happy, roasty char.

Pop all the ingredients in a blender.  Add the heat options if you like. Blend. Taste.

Adjust with salt.  Start with a hefty pinch.  Add more as needed.

The most frequent critique I hear when making salsa is, “It needs something, but I don’t know what.” Try a little more salt.  Then more lime.  Repeat until happy.

If you go too far…

With the salt – add another tomato or perhaps a squirt more of lime.

With the lime – add a pinch of sugar.

Salty and Limey enough, but still not quite right?  It’s probably the tomatoes.  Add some tomato paste.

Still not right? Go through your checklist.


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