BRS conversations

Jaime- You may have to marry me so I have insurance for the inevitable amputation.
Todd- How about I just give you some money?

Jaime- I got bit by a brown recluse spider.
Rick- Aren’t those highly venomous?
Jaime- Yes.  Yes they are.

Gabriel- So when you said “brown recluse” I didn’t know it was a type of spider.  I thought you just meant, you know, it was brown.  And generally kept to itself.
Jaime- Um, no.

Sabrina- What the hell is a poisonous spider doing in your apartment?!
Jaime-I think he was just wanted to try hanging out with the cool kids. Predictably, it went south. He’s probably in the back of the closet now getting a makeover from the other spiders. I seriously hope that’s not true…

Jaime- So when do I get my spidy powers?
Doctor-Your spidy powers?
Jaime- Yeah, I threw myself against a wall on the way over here, but I didn’t stick.  Do you think they just haven’t kicked in yet?


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