Bread Notes


This is the process whereby you are trying to get the proteins in flour called gluten to mesh and form a stretchy network to catch the bubbles that you mixed in and the yeast are filling with CO2.  Think bubblegum. It needs to get stretchy so you can blow bubbles.  So just rolling it around your mouth isn’t going to get it done.  You need to stretch it.

You do that by pushing the dough away from you with the heel of your palm, folding it over itself, giving it a turn, and doing it again.

You can tell the dough is ready when it’s smooth and elastic.  But the real test is windowpaning.  Take a small piece of the dough, and stretch it gently.  If it stretching without tearing thin enough to let the light through –

You can get a better windowpane than this, but this is alright.

It is stretchy enough to hold the CO2. So for burger buns (which is what I’m using this dough for) this is fine.

To shape rolls – fold the four sides into the center of your dough, one by one.  Pinch a seal where the corners came together. Turn over, and with cupped hands roll it on the counter to finish the ball.

Shaping rectangular/baguette style loaves is easy, but hard to explain in words.  I’ll take picture of that when I post a recipe.


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