Cast Iron Pans

Cast Iron Pans are the forgotten hero of the kitchen.

Yes, they’re heavy.

Yes, you cannot put them in the dishwasher.

Yes, you have to reseason them from time to time.

So what?

I sing the pan cast iron.

It conducts heat like a champ.  It retains heat for marathon stretches.

If you season it properly, and use it often, it’s virtually nonstick.

It leaches trace amounts of iron into your food.  For those of us who happen to be severely anemic…

It lasts for generations.

I just inherited my stepmother’s great grandmother’s cast iron pan.  Amazing.  Think of all the meals cooked in that pan.  All the family fed.

Not that high maintenance -I just rinse mine in water.  I keep a brush on the sink that I only use on cast iron to scrub my pans out.  I dry them on the stove on high heat to kill any bacteria and chance of rust.

Once a year, I oil my lil’ darlings up, put ’em upside down on a sheet pan, bake ’em at 350 for an hour.  Re-seasoned.

That’s it.  No biggie.

And you should see my forearms.  I could full out rock the “test of strength” game at the carnival and win my sweetie a kewpie doll.


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