Jaime P – Amateur Blogger Professional Bacon Lover Baker (Bacon, I still love you)

Three years ago, I could not cook anything more complicated than boxed Mac n’ Cheese.  I was also the pickiest eater I knew.  Those things sound mutually exclusive, but trust me, they’re not. Frustrated, I decided to learn to cook. Turns out, I wasn’t picky – I was just eating bad food.  I fell in love with cooking, put my existing life on hold, and went to culinary school. I work worked at a recreational culinary school in Chicago for two years, and currently, I am a baker at a pastry shop.  This is not a course I would recommend to most people, but I don’t regret it one bit.

When I’m not working, I’m eating as much as I can make excuses for, playing with my puppy puppies in the park,

Said Puppies

cooking (one would hope so, eh? I am steering this crazy ship), reading, listening to NPR, wandering around Chicago, and indulging in an occasional bout of navel gazing, just so I can say I have not lived an unexamined life.  There’s a quiz at the end of it, right?

And now a return to writing.  Huzzah.

I’ve gathered quite an arsenal of delicious recipes in my time at culinary school and more culinary school.  I’m constantly experimenting. I don’t want you eating boxed Mac n’ Cheese.  I like you too much to let that happen. I’m happy to share what I’ve learned.  Here.  Now.  Let’s go.  Are you still reading this? Go on. Get you some recipes.

Questions about recipes? bourbonbellybean@gmail.com


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