Parmesan Pork Panini

Pork chops (bone in has more flavor, boneless is easier to slice)
Fresh mozzarella, @ 3 1/2 slices per sandwich
Fresh grated parmesan, @1/4 cup per sandwich
Tomato sauce
Garlic oil (recipe to follow)
Whole grain Italian bread
Salt and pepper to taste

Preheat grill pan to medium.  Season the pork chops with just salt and pepper.  Grill them 3 minutes on the first side, two minutes on the second side, give or take.  Until they were mostly firm to the touch.

Once rested, slice them – thin against the grain on the bias.

Garlic oil –

Just a couple of cloves in some oil on low for a few minutes.  I didn’t even take the root end off.  I flipped the cloves after a few minutes, but if you had a smaller pot and more garlic, immersing the cloves would be fine. Once the oil was infused, just remove the garlic and toss it.  You could save it to spread on bread if you liked, especially if you immersed your garlic.

Dip the bread in the oil on each side and grill them.

Melt the cheese on the bread once the bread is flipped.

Assemble.  Bread, Pork, Cheese, Tomato Sauce.


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