Turtle Burger

The Patty-

1/4 lb ground beef
salt and pepper to taste
cheddar cheese

There’s a lot going on with the fixins’ so I feel the patty should be pretty straight forward.

Form 4 oz of ground beef into a rough patty, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and slap that puppy onto a ripping hot grill pan.

To some people, this looks like a lot of salt.  It’s necessary.****  On both sides. Salt one side, slap that side down on the grill, then salt the naked side while it’s cooking.

Cook the patty about 2-3 minutes, check for grill marks, then flip. Once flipped, add the cheese.  Once the cheese is melted, I push on the meat to see where it is.  I like my burgers medium rare, but cook them however you like them.  Usually mine are about done 2-3 minutes after I’ve flipped and the cheese is super melty.  If you like yours medium or medium well, wait a minute or two before adding the cheese.

Let the burger rest while putting a hot dog split lengthwise (and onions, if you want) on the grill.

Grab some fixins. I like pickles, tomato, mustard, lettuce (if available), and ketchup.

Once the dog is marked with dark char marks


Bottom Bun, Burger, Dog. (Potentially bacon if I’m suicidal)

Top Bun, Pickles, Tomato,  Onion, Mustard, Ketchup.

Smack together.



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