Chile Paste

Chile paste:

Dried Chile (of whatever kind, I like guajillo)

Toast chile(s) in a dry pan on high heat for a minute on each side.  Remove stem and seeds.  Put seeds aside. Bring enough water to submerge the chile(s) to a boil, and turn off heat.  Add chile(s) and steep for 15 minutes.  Transfer chile and a little of the steeping liquid and as many of the seeds as you would like (depending on how hot you want the paste to be) to a blender and pulse, adding liquid as needed, until the desired consistency is reached.  For this application I made it a little more liquid to better incorporate into the chocolate.  I didn’t add any seeds because I wanted the flavor on the chocolate without the heat.  Up to you.  This paste can be used in salsa, added to rice, soup, what have you.  Will keep in the fridge for a few weeks.  If it is too liquid for whatever you’re using it for, simply boil off some of the liquid before using.


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