Tricks to rolling out pie dough

  1. Start with your rolling pin in the middle.  Roll upwards.  Return to middle. Roll downwards. Gently pick up the dough. Rotate.
  2. Be consistent.  Rotate after each roll.  You don’t want to roll the whole thing out and not be able to get it off the board.  Be sure it’s consistent thickness all the way around.  You don’t want wonky unbaked pie crust pieces at the end.  If one part is noticeably thicker as you’re rolling, work that part more.
  3. If it starts sticking, to your pin or the board, add a light dusting of flour.  Light dusting.
  4. Don’t reroll scraps.  It gets tougher each time you do.
  5. Do use scraps to patch up tears and gaps.  As long as you press it firmly in, it will look about the same in the end.
  6. If the edges start cracking as you’re rolling, just patch back together and keep rolling.
  7. Roll your dough gently onto your pin and unroll it onto the pie tin.  You can also fold your dough in quarters and unfold it onto the pie tin if that’s easier for you.
  8. Relax.  It gets easier every time.

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