Put an egg on it!

I know what you’re saying.  I want to have a BLT, but it’s breakfast time. Isn’t that culinarily awkward? What to do?

Put an egg on it!

You know how to make a BLT – how do you make it into breakfast?

1. Serve it on buttered toast (I grilled mine, because I’m me.)

2.  No one puts lettuce in their omelets.  Not a breakfast food. Spinach!  Problem solved.

3. I lightly salt my tomatoes before adding them to the sandwich.  It brings out their flavor, and maybe it’s just me, but it seems to enhance their sweetness.  Fruit component of breakfast accomplished.

4. Put an egg on it!

You could do your egg whatever way you like it. But, you know how when the yolk of a sunny-side up breaks and you’re thinking, “I wish I had something to sop this up with…”