When picturing my adult life, I never supposed I would precede the phrase “all night long” with “I made donuts”. #whatyouleastexpected.

Phrases I thought would precede “all night long” at 18:

-Flirted with strangers
-watched smitten with the stars
-Drank like a fish
-wrote poems, invisibly, crowding the sky
-loved you, unrequited

Phrases I thought would precede “all night long” at 25 –

-worked on the novel
-edited that paper
-drank like a fish
-fought and made up
-lay beside you on a hotel bed, just talking
-nursed the cat
-worried about what’s coming
-loved you, requitedly

Phrases that, now that I’m 35, I wish would precede “all night long”


So… I’m tired.  Real, real tired.  I would still do all of these things.  Delightedly, most of them, though I don’t know the “you” I’m supposed to be loving.  But ever since the advent of the bakery, my body has been pushed to the limits of exhaustion, and in my off time, I’ve been hauling it over the edge.

Today, I rode my bike to Todd’s.  We went swimming in the park.  He asked, “What would you like to eat?” and all I wanted, to shore up my exhaustion, was the consolation of Mexican street food.


servings 4

4 ears corn
4 tablespoons of mayonnaise*
chili powder
lime, zested
4 ounces queso fresco or queso cotija

*making your own mayo makes all the difference

First, shuck your corn if it isn’t.

Random puns I made while shucking the corn that Todd didn’t appreciate –

What the shuck?
Aw, shucks!

Preheat grill pan to high.  Now would be a good time to make mayo if you’re going to –

Hi. I may look like a lowly egg yolk, but I will grow into a mighty mayonnaise!


To make your own mayo:

Secure the bowl by wrapping a towel around the bottom.  That will keep it from jumping around when you whisk.  Even better would be to place the bowl in a small pot.  Add egg yolk to bowl. Add a squeeze of lemon juice to the yolk.  Then measure a cup of vegetable oil – you may not use the whole  thing – in a cup that makes it easy to pour slowly.  While continuously, vigorously whisking, drizzle in oil in the slowest stream you can.  Don’t stop whisking.

If your mayonnaise breaks (looks like an oil slick), put half an egg yolk into a new bowl (approximate) and slowly drizzle in the oil slick.  If you go slow enough, should come back together.

Oil thickens. Egg yolk/lemon juice thins.  So once you’ve drizzled enough oil in to get your desired thickness, (even if you haven’t used the whole cup), stop and season with salt to taste.  Will keep in fridge for two weeks.

Grill corn on high heat.

I would have laid these down at an angle, but Todd’s a rebel. Or a square. You decide.

Todd is not a square.  He’s awesome.  Anyone who says otherwise will answer to me, and I may be wielding hot ears of corn.  Which sounds weird, but is actually quite menacing, I assure you.  Menacing!

Clearly, I took over at some point.

This is what I look for in grilled corn –

Meanwhile, zest a lime and crumble 4 ounces of cheese

So once your corn is marked and tender to your liking, take it off heat.

Slather it with mayo and sprinkle it with chili powder.

Then roll it in the lime-y cheese and serve with lime wedges to juice over the Elote.

Holy hot damn.  I would eat Elote… all night long.


5 thoughts on “Elote

  1. Corn with homemade mayo.. I will have to try it out sometime. Thanks for the recipe 🙂

    btw, instead of using a whisk to blend the oil, lemon juice and egg yolk, could I use a hand mixer at low speed ?

    • Hey Mail,
      Thanks so much for following!
      I have never tried using a handheld mixer, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work with the whisk attachment. I would go medium to medium high instead of low.
      You could also do it in a blender or food processor. Those I’ve successfully used.

  2. I had elote for the first time in NYC just a few weeks ago courtesy of Daisy Bow at Cool Cook Style. YOU HAVE MADE IT. I want to try! I wonder if I can find cotija cheese in London…? I loved reading this post, by the way.

    • Thanks, Susan! The only place I can find cotija here is at the Mexican markets. I’ve never been to London, so I’m not sure if they have them there, but if they do, that’s where I’d check.

      By the way, I love reading your posts too!

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