“We Need to Have A Serious Taco. Don’t Touch These Chips, They’re Nachos.”

Oh Hannah Hart and Andrew from Songs to Wear Pants To – I am far too old to like you as much as I do, but there it is.  I find myself singing “Show Me Where Ya Noms At” often enough at work that people are starting to want to stab me in the eye.  Fine, have it your way, it’s exacerbating people’s desire to stab me in the eye.

So I’ve recently come into what we in the biz call “a shit-ton of free tortillas”.  Another bizzaro perk of my job.

When life gives you tortillas, make lemonade.  Wait, what?  Are you confused too?  Hold me.  (Yes, that was just my elaborate ploy to get you to hold me.  Do you feel used?)

So, let’s make Nachos instead.

What you will need –

For the chips:

Tortillas (I prefer corn)
Olive oil
Paprika (Smoky if you got it)

Preheat oven to 375. Cut tortillas into wedges.  Mix some olive oil, smoky paprika, and salt in a bowl.

I know I’m not giving you exact measurements.  Let’s just say 1 Tbsp oil, 1 heavy pinch of smoky paprika, and one heavy pinch of salt per 3 tortillas.  Toss chips in oil mixture to coat.

Lay on a single layer on a sheet pan.

Bake for 8-10 minutes, or until crispy.  These are good with just some salsa.

For the nachos:

Cheese, obviously (I used butterkase because that’s what I had handy.  Chihuahua would be traditional.  Fresco is ok, but it won’t get melty.  Quesadilla cheese would be good, and then you get to stick it to the cheese manufacturers – “don’t tell me how to spend my cheese, I’m a rebel.  A loner.”) Shred it, baby.
Chorizo (or ground beef), cooked until crumbly and no longer pink
Salsa of some sort – I used my salsa verde recipe but subbed some avocado for the roasted poblano

What have you – olives, tomatoes, jalapeno slices, refried beans, crema (All I had was the chorizo, cheese, and makings for salsa)

Once the chips have come out all crispy, set them to the side and line the pan you baked them on with parchment. Return chips to pan and group them in a small pile. Sprinkle on the topping and then bury the chips carefully in cheese so that they won’t overbrown.

I shut the oven off and used the residual heat to melt the cheese.  I used the parchment as a nacho sling to get them whole into a bowl.  Topped with salsa.  Ta-dow.  That’s the first time I’ve typed ta-dow.  I was just trying it out.  I think we can both agree I probably shouldn’t have.  Moving on.





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