Yesterday was kind of awesome

Ok, so this is more a picture post than a food post.  Yesterday couldn’t possibly qualify for a food post insomuch as I ate cookies for lunch, popcorn for dinner, then more cookies.  There might have also been a lamb stew situation and some fresh bread I baked yesterday morning, but other than that, there was very little real food making an appearance yesterday.  Also, there was beer.

Yesterday began as the most beautiful day of 2012.  Kinda tanked after like 3 p.m., but before that, it was glorious.  Perfect for the “What can you do/find for $20 or less?” game.

Answer –

No, she was not allowed to go play in the lake of mud.  It took her a while to get over it.  She was sad for at least fifteen seconds.  I think.  Maybe she just needed to put her tongue back in her mouth for a change.

Is this a donkey? A horse? What the hell is this thing?

First cookies of the day - Swedish Bakery. All four tasted the same despite being different kinds. That's ok. I wouldn't kick them out of bed. $1.80

I stopped into Equinox, which was having a moving sale. I got two cards for a dollar.

Also a candle holder for 50 cents.

The next four are from a store called Roosts, in which I could afford nothing.  I kept finding surprises around every corner.  It was a fun place to stop, but I reckon it would be even more fun, if, say, you had money.

I hope the staff didn’t mind the whole lot of picture taking and no buying.  I feel bad, but I’m also poor and like to look at pretty things.

This is hard to see, But I walked to Rosehill before starting back.

On the way back, I stopped at Edgewater produce.  I bought a pink lady apple, which I ate on the way, and this spice –

I have no idea what to do with this.  If you do, please let me know.  The interwebs were largely unhelpful.  To be fair, I didn’t give the interwebs a fighting chance.  2 links, tops.

On the way back I also stopped into Sabrina travel. (I’ve been wanting to stop in for years ever since I befriended a Sabrina).  It was dingy, cluttered, and themeless.  I didn’t want to embarrass anyone by taking a picture.  I bought a cherry scented votive out of pity.  The older gentleman behind the counter was annoyed.  He sighed.  “That’s it?  Just one?  Ok.  $0.50?” It made me sad and weirdly ashamed of myself.  I won’t be going back.

I tried on belts for a dollar at Presence.  Size large.  I am just shy of 6 feet, but I am height/weight proportionate.  The large barely fit around my rib cage.  I have concluded Presence is a store for slim midgets. I won’t be going back.

The wind blew the flowers in the cemetery over and clothes were out on the street, shaking off hibernation.

Before going to the Davis theatre to see the Artist and eat popcorn for dinner (9 dollars), I stopped in to a thrift store that was the kind of depressing that grinds your soul into the pavement a little with the heel of its boot. However, I did buy the 90 cent find of the day –

Ok, just to be clear, this is a beer stein, celebrating my oustanding performance in the department of me.  Um, yes, please.

I spent the remainder of my $20 on “super” beer (not really) to put in the stein.  I once again learned the lesson of false advertising.  I still stand by my decision to buy beer on the basis of the self-proclaimed “super” on the label. Also, I had less than five dollars left.

On the scale:

Yesterday – 8.3


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