Monday Morning Soap Box – High Fructose Corn Syrup

You know those commercials about corn syrup?

I love how we’re all supposed to be convinced that because the person in the commercial is ill-informed, there is really nothing wrong with High Fructose Corn Syrup.

I did my research paper in nutrition on HFCS. My sources were confined to scientific journals, experiments with documented and reproduceable results.  They were insufferably boring.  Informative, but boring.  So I’m just going to give you the highlights.

1. HFCS encourages the storage of visceral adipose.  Body fat. HFCS literally makes you fatter than sugar.

2. HFCS decreases insulin sensitivity, increasing your risk of diabetes. I’m going to pass on the diabetes, please and thank you.

3. HFCS impairs the memory function of lab rats.  There was a tank of water.  Platform in the middle of the tank. Rats could swim up to it, get on, stop swimming.  Rats on HFCS kept forgetting where it was.

4. HFCS encourages the consumption of additional calories.  Again, with the rats. Rats on HFCS ate more than those on sugar.

5.Studies funded by Pepsi Co. yielded different results than those funded by a neutral third party.  Same exact scientists.  Different results.  To be fair, one was a 24 hour study (Pepsi Co.) and one a longitudinal study (neutral third party).  The 24-hour one funded by Pepsi Co. suggested there was no difference between corn syrup and sugar.  How bout that?  Weird, huh? The longitudinal study suggested the visceral adipose storage and alarming diabetes trends…

6. It’s in everything.  Ok, not everything, but lots and lots of things. Things you would expect – soda, candy, cookies. Things you would never expect – juice, packaged bread, my beloved Doritos. This is why I can only have one baby bag of Doritos every two weeks.  Other than that, I completely avoid HFCS.

I realize that most people don’t shop only for ingredients, like I do.  It’s not a practical way for most people to live.  Just wanted to mention these things in case you bought into the “it’s just like sugar” corn refiner’s association propaganda.  But of course you wouldn’t, smarty.  Just checking.  A little reminder on just how bad it is for you, thanks for indulging me.

One more thing – corn syrup is a stabilizer in baking. It’s an “invert sugar”.  Until just recently, HFCS was listed on the ingredients on Karo corn syrup (corn syrup for home use).  This has just disappeared in the last few months.  Does this mean that they have removed HFCS from their product? I don’t know.  I haven’t done any specific research on plain corn syrup.  I’m not going to because I don’t need it.  There are several natural invert sugars, like honey or agave nectar, and if I don’t want that flavor, I’ll just make my own. That way, Monsanto doesn’t get any more of my money than I can help.


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