Chilaquiles at Tweet and Breakfast Tacos

Sometimes, you just want someone to make food for you.

My friend Lyndee and I hadn’t seen one another in ages.  When she called yesterday to find out if I wanted to go out to breakfast, I was relieved that I had procrastinated until 10 a.m. to eat because Tweet doesn’t skimp when it comes to Chilaquiles –

Tortillas, salsa, scrambled eggs, beans, chorizo, peppers, onions, tomato, avocado, crema. I almost wished I had a hangover so this could cure it. I love the atmosphere there too-

Plus, the waiter gave us candy. We didn’t even have to trick or treat for it. That’s pretty much my new gold standard for exceptional service.

Also, back me up here, isn’t having someone continually refill your coffee cup the ultimate in caffeinated luxury?  I find it deeply satisfying to the point of bumping tip average.

So, you’re like, “Jaime, how does this help me?  I don’t live in Chicago.  It’s the morning after Halloween.  I have a hangover now.  What the hell am I supposed to do?”

If you’re me you eat leftover Chilaquiles from Tweet.  If you’re me on any other hungover morning, you make these –

You try to take a picture with your phone and hold a taco. Not so easy, right?

I’ll bet you know how to scramble eggs – so here are my quick tips on how I do mine.

  • Tortillas right on the burner  heat low for about 10 seconds each side

  • Chorizo in pan, once rendered I add a small pat of butter to supplement the chorizo fat, then I pour my eggs whipped with crema and seasoned with salt and pepper right over. Let’s say a an ounce of chorizo and a tablespoon of crema per two eggs.
  • Lowest heat on the eggs possible.  Prevents the sulphurous compounds in the eggs from coming out and making them taste too “eggy”.
  • Once the eggs are nearly done, I kill the heat and let warmth of the eggs melt the cheese

Often I eat these with just salsa roja or salsa verde, but you could add avocado, crema, black beans, tomato, cilantro, onions, peppers, what have you.  When I’m hungover, chopping isn’t always the best idea, so I stick to the basics.


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