Not Really A Post

So, kitchen tip number 1,  Do not walk out of the kitchen for long periods of time while cooking.

Kitchen tip number 2, don’t place plastic near lit burners.  Seems self-explanatory, but well, as you can see, some people need a little more instruction than others.  This girl.

What smells like burning and plastic death?

Kitchen tip number 3, melted plastic is difficult to remove from burners.  Ok, that is not a tip. If you are foolish enough to let this happen to you, get a warm cloth while it’s still hot and molten and scrub until it comes off in chunks being supremely careful to keep your fingers inside the ride at all times.

Kitchen tip number 4 – watch this.  It is hilarious.  I found it on Pink Basil the other day, and I’m now in serious like with this youtube series.  I’ve been thinking of asking it to wear my pin.


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